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Canine Hydrotherapy – Swimming for Fitness

Having a leg injury or stiff joints is no fun at all. There are all kinds of things that you’re not allowed to do, like run up and down the stairs, or jump into the boot of the car for example. However there is one thing you can do – swimming. 

Swimming for fitness
Just like humans who need to take care of their joints, exercising in water is a great way to maintain fitness and strength without bearing any weight on the injury. As an experiment I had a few bracing swims in the reservoir, which  made me very happy – […]

December 13th, 2017||Comments Off on Canine Hydrotherapy – Swimming for Fitness

Awesome video and competition!

To round off an amazing year our Unique Pets – Tinker, Rory and Gus – have made a video and are running a competition for a free groom, training session or photoshoot. Check out our Facebook page for full details:

December 7th, 2017||Comments Off on Awesome video and competition!

Proflax natural supplements

We’re now stocking Proflax natural supplements for dogs, which are an easy way to help care for your dog’s joints, skin, coat and overall well-being. Jenna has been using the Wellbeing and Vitality Oil for some time with her rescue dog Joy, and has written a blog about the effect it’s had on her…

Our rescue French Bulldog, Joy, came to us in a bit of a sorry state – having had demodectic mange for most of her life, she had been treated with rather harsh chemicals to deal with it and her little system had been put through the […]

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Natural Remedies for a Sprained Dog Leg


If you’re normally a very active dog and are supposed to be resting, it doesn’t take long to start feeling fed up, no matter how much your humans try to entertain you with games and activities indoors.  I ignored any brain games, refused to seek out hidden treats or toys, pushed away my stuffed kong and basically sulked.
I tried going to work with Mum, she’s got a spinny-round chair but that was about as exciting as things got. I played on her computer keyboard and managed to set up a messenger group called “8*wl’[pjfpow[” which she wasn’t very happy about. […]

December 4th, 2017||Comments Off on Natural Remedies for a Sprained Dog Leg

A Blog from the Injury Bench

An injury can happen to any of us at some point – you’re running along happily, playing with other dogs or chasing a rather desirable frisbee when suddenly, “ouch!” You’ve only gone and put your paw down a rabbit hole, or landed a bit awkwardly.
Because us dogs are usually tough and quite good at hiding any pain, we can just stop to lick the bad leg for a few seconds then go on playing as though nothing was wrong. After a while one of your humans will start to notice… “Is Marley limping a bit?

So, what happened?
Once my limp […]

November 22nd, 2017||Comments Off on A Blog from the Injury Bench

Hairdressers vs Dog Grooming

Last week, I learned that Dad was intending to make an appointment for a haircut. In between appointments I’m pleased so say he looks after his own grooming needs by occasionally combing his hair, but a couple of times a year he gets annoyed by it and books in with the hairdresser.
Now, I’ve been for dog grooming with Ellie at Unique Pets a couple of times so consider myself quite knowledgeable about all this. Perhaps Dad was delaying a visit to the hairdresser because he didn’t want to be made to get into a bath, have his ears looked […]

November 9th, 2017||Comments Off on Hairdressers vs Dog Grooming

It’s a scary time of year

While we might be spooked by the ghosts and ghouls of Hallowe’en, many pets find other things at this time of year scary – fireworks and loud parties, not to mention the dark nights and cold weather! We’ve pulled together a selection of resources to help your furry friend through this scary time. 

Fighting fireworks
There are a number of things you can do to help ease anxiety when the loud bangs start, so start by reading our guide on how to Keep Your Pets Calm.

Don’t underestimate how frightening fireworks can be for pets and start planning ahead to keep your […]

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Review of LED dog collars

Now that the days are getting shorter, us dogs often need to walk our humans or take them out to play in the dark. Of course, this means that we also need to make allowances for one of their many weaknesses – poor night vision. The problem is, humans can’t see very well in the dark at all, and we need to remember this when we hear them stumbling along behind us, tripping over and bashing into objects, poor things!
With their weak sense of smell, humans can’t even see through their noses either, but can somehow cope at night […]

October 26th, 2017||Comments Off on Review of LED dog collars

Kong Squeezz Jels review

Well, the autumn nights are certainly drawing in and I’m enjoying cosy evenings at home, cuddling and comforting my humans. This week, they thoughtfully purchased a new, extra fluffy blanket for my bed. I have a clear view of it from the sofa and I must say, it looks very warm.
Humans who have a good basic temperament are usually well meaning, but sometimes they do extraordinary things – like attempt to give you a bath…

Bath Time – oh no!
Tiresome, isn’t it? This time of year, when you come in from your walks all muddy and wet, all you want […]

October 18th, 2017||Comments Off on Kong Squeezz Jels review

Matting and how to deal with it

We all know that our dog can look a bit scruffy when his coat is matted, but not many of us understand what causes matting and how we can prevent it occuring. Our groomers have written a blog to help customers understand more about mats so that their dog can look his best in between grooms and avoid being shaved off. 
What is matting?

A mat is a mass of hair held together by interwoven fibres. There are many types of mats, some easier to remove than others, and some coat types are more prone to matting because each hair shaft […]

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