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Kong Squeezz Jels review

Well, the autumn nights are certainly drawing in and I’m enjoying cosy evenings at home, cuddling and comforting my humans. This week, they thoughtfully purchased a new, extra fluffy blanket for my bed. I have a clear view of it from the sofa and I must say, it looks very warm.
Humans who have a good basic temperament are usually well meaning, but sometimes they do extraordinary things – like attempt to give you a bath…

Bath Time – oh no!
Tiresome, isn’t it? This time of year, when you come in from your walks all muddy and wet, all you want […]

October 18th, 2017||Comments Off on Kong Squeezz Jels review

Matting and how to deal with it

We all know that our dog can look a bit scruffy when his coat is matted, but not many of us understand what causes matting and how we can prevent it occuring. Our groomers have written a blog to help customers understand more about mats so that their dog can look his best in between grooms and avoid being shaved off. 
What is matting?

A mat is a mass of hair held together by interwoven fibres. There are many types of mats, some easier to remove than others, and some coat types are more prone to matting because each hair shaft […]

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Best Independent Retailer of the Year Finalist

We are absolutely thrilled to have been shortlisted for the Pet Industry Federation award for Best Independent Retailer of the Year!
The awards recognise businesses that have attained outstanding achievements throughout the year. A spokeswoman said: “This year’s record number of entries were particularly high-calibre – particularly in the retailer, manufacturer and pet service sectors.”

October 12th, 2017||Comments Off on Best Independent Retailer of the Year Finalist

Santa Paws is back!

After the success of Santa Paws last year, our event has grown and this year our Santa Paws grotto will take over the training room for the weekend 16-17 December! Santa will be waiting to welcome kids and pets alike to hear their Christmas wishes and hand out a small gift. Robin, our resident photographer, will be on hand to capture the special occasion and you can buy prints from £12.99, or have the image put on a mug, card, cushion, or almost anything you want! 
The entrance fee is just £3 and half the proceeds are being donated […]

October 12th, 2017||Comments Off on Santa Paws is back!

Stay safe in the dark

Autumn and winter herald dark mornings and nights, so stay safe while dog walking your dog with our range of light-up collars and leads, and high-viz and reflective jackets. You can still have fun on a walk with our selection of flashing and glow in the dark toys!

October 12th, 2017||Comments Off on Stay safe in the dark

Chuckit Tri–bumper Review

Autumn is here and this means I’m busy on ‘moth watch’ most evenings – I’ve noticed that if the light is on and I open the back door, even more of them come in, what fun! But once you’ve run out of moths to stare at, it’s time to get something out of the toy box.

A new toy!
Now, I’ve got far too many toys (said no dog ever), but a few weeks ago my best friend Blossom gave me one of hers, something she’d had for a while but hardly played with. This is a great idea of course, […]

October 10th, 2017||Comments Off on Chuckit Tri–bumper Review

A Dog’s Guide to the Seaside! 

Well, it’s certainly been an exciting week: in between all the heavy rain which was beginning to get on everybody’s nerves, there were a couple of sunny days – yes, really! – and my humans suddenly did something spontaneous!
Now, most of the time I ignore human conversation when we’re out on walkies – it’s pretty boring stuff and seldom concerns me, unless they’re saying relevant words like “Frisbee”, “Hurry-up-Marley”, “Ball”, or “Leave-the-swan-alone!” But this time, I overheard phrases like “I wonder if Marley has ever been to the seaside” or “how long would it take to get there?” and […]

August 24th, 2017||Comments Off on A Dog’s Guide to the Seaside! 

Woodland Walks

Well, it’s been another interesting week. After our attempt at attending a ‘Fun Dog Show’ (which disappointingly did not involve any fun for dogs), my best Beardie friend and her Mum told us they were attending another one locally, so we decided to go along! Again, we didn’t find any activities which provided fun for dogs, just a lot of sitting around being looked at, but this time we took along frisbees to play with between classes which was an immense help, and I even won a prize! Just for sitting down and spitting out the treat which the […]

August 11th, 2017||Comments Off on Woodland Walks

Marley’s Guide to surviving a Dog Show


If your humans like taking you out and about to places, there’s a good chance you’ll end up visiting at least one dog show over the summer!
I went along to one this week, it was part of a local festival. Of course, at such an event there are lots of dogs around – all on leads – it’s crowded, there are noisy children, music blaring and morris dancers (obviously something that makes sense to humans?!).

So what are some of the classes that you can enter at a dog show?
Assuming you’re not a pedigree dog being shown and this is a […]

July 31st, 2017||Comments Off on Marley’s Guide to surviving a Dog Show

A Dog Cool Coat – the ultimate summer fashion accessory! 

Well, I’m not normally a dog who is overly concerned with fashion or grooming. A quick leap into the reservoir occasionally, a functional collar and a tag with my human’s details (in case they wander off) are about all I need, but some dogs take fashion very seriously, like my little friend Joy for example – she’s a sophisticated French Mademoiselle who knows a thing or two about personal style!
Like me, Joy is a rescue dog and she certainly has her paws full. Joy adopted two humans and a brother around Christmas and is making rapid progress with their […]

July 28th, 2017||Comments Off on A Dog Cool Coat – the ultimate summer fashion accessory!