Top Quality Cat Food

We cater for all types of feline – pedigree or moggy, large or small – and only offer top quality, healthy cat food for your cat or kitten. Please have a read through our blog on cat nutrition here, and on reading cat food labels here, to see what should be in your cat food. Our experience is that by providing a quality healthy diet, your pussycat will stay fit and healthy for many years to come.

Please scroll through this section to see which brands we carry. Call us or, better still, come and visit our shops in Aylesbury or Winslow where we will be happy to help.


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Natural Instinct

natural instinct cat food unique pets aylesburyNatural Instinct were one of the pioneers of raw feeding and are probably the most experienced supplier around. Their frozen raw product range is comprehensive with products for weaning kittens and five great flavours. Recipes are a complete and balanced mix of raw meat with bone plus carefully selected natural supplements especially chosen for their health benefits.  Cat food contains 99% meat, bone and offal as well as natural supplements to ensure optimum health. As a result, the cat food contains all the taurine (an essential part of the feline diet) your cats will require. Unique Pets stocks the natural cat food and country banquet ranges.


nutriment cat food aylesburyNutriment pet foods have been awarded a five star rating by a leading ratings website recently. Their cat food range consists of three delicious flavours and features 80% human grade meat or fish. All flavours are available in our shops.

Natures Menu

natures menu cat foodNatures Menu offer a range of complete and balanced raw meals for cats providing a convenient and simple way to feed your cat a nutritious diet every day. The cat food contains real meat pieces that even choosy cats adore. Available in pouches too!



Canagan Cat Food

canagan cat logoCanagan make quality cat food. Canagan use only the highest quality meat and fish in their range of grain free food. Products are formulated using a balanced nutritional approach which helps your cat stay healthy!




Meowing Heads

barking heads cat food logoMeowing heads dry cat food products are all formulated from ultra premium ingredients. Made to high standards in the UK they are completely natural and additive free.





symply cat food logoSymply provide an extensive range of cat food catering for cats and kittens. All food is 100% natural with optimum levels of Omega 6 and 3 for a shiny coat. They are hypoallergenic to help control intolerances.


Arden Grange

arden grange cat food logoArden Grange have been making quality petfoods since 1996. Cat food products are grain free and hypoallergenic from super premium ingredients.