Cat toys and treats

IMAG1789[1]We have a wide range of cat toys and treats to entertain both you and your kitty and provide hours of fun bonding.

Cat and Mouse

If you’ve ever heard of the phrase “cat and mouse”, then you’ll know why it’s important to ensure that your cat has some quality play time on a regular basis. Although cats appear aloof and happy to do their own thing, wiggle a feather wand or laser beam in front of them and they’re all yours!

These chase games mimic the prey drive that cats in the wild have and will satisfy his need to stalk, pounce and attack. The catnip-filled Kong Kickeroo then provides a great hind-leg kicking action to give your cat ultimate satisfaction.

Sporadic stimulation

While cats may seem content to laze in bed all day, they can get easily fed up (which may encourage bad behaviour) and a short designated play time each day will break up the boredom. Play time not only provides human / feline bonding time, but also gives your cat vital mental stimulation, particularly if you vary the toys and games.

It’s a health thing

Over half of domestic cats are overweight to some degree and playing games without any reward is a great way to help your kitty get more active and lose weight. Managing your cat’s lifestyle at a young age will also help prevent long-term old age problems such as arthritis and diabetes.

IMAG1788_1[1]Fun feeding

If you feed your cat a dry kibble, then why not make her work for her food by putting it in a treat dispenser. These fun wobblers provide hours of entertainment as your cat bats it around and rewards her whenever she manages to tip it in the right direction. We also have a selection of maze feeders to challenge and slow down your cat’s eating.


Warning: Spending time playing with your cat can also seriously improve your mood!