Welcome to our cat section

We cater for all types of felines – pedigree or moggy, large or small – and offer a wide range of products. Please click on the links below or come in store to see what you can buy to pamper your cats.

simons cat imageWe cater for all types of feline – pedigree or moggy, large or small – and only offer top quality, healthy cat food for your cat or kitten. Please have a read through our blogs on cat nutrition here and cat food labels here for more information. Our experience is that by providing a quality healthy diet, your pussycat will stay fit and healthy for many years to come.


Cat beds

We have a selection of comfy, snuggly Rogz beds so that your furry friend can find the perfect position for a quick catnap.

Cat litter

IMAG2293We carry a range of litter trays, scoops and litters so that you can find the right combination that suits your cat’s needs.




IMAG2286_1Whether your cat likes something with a squeak, laden with catnip or with a bell, we have a good range of toys to tempt your feline into a frenzy of play. We also stock a range of healthy treats to tempt your cat. Although not as easy to train as dogs, there are ways in which you can encourage good and discourage bad behaviour from cats – please read our article here.


Medical products for cats

first aid imageJust like humans, cats suffer ailments from time to time. Whether you’re looking for something to cure hairballs, prevent fleas or help your cat’s coat shine, we stock a range of products to help keep your moggy in tip top condition.