Dog beds

The best way to ensure a peaceful night is to give your dog a comfortable, safe place to curl up in until the morning. Whether your dog is big or small, old or young, we have a wide range of dog beds to find the one that’s just right for your best friend. 

Crates and Vetbed

Dog beds

If you have started crate-training your puppy, you might find that he will always prefer to sleep in the peace and quiet of his own little cave. For more information on creating a safe place for your puppy, read our article on What To Expect With Your New Puppy. Crates can also be useful for dealing with separation anxiety, stress of fireworks or when a dog is recuperating from an operation. 

We stock a selection of crates to suit your budget and decor. We also offer Vet Bed to line your crate in a range of colours and patterns. Vetbed® is a hard-wearing everyday bedding for cats and dogs which has unique drainage properties and superb heat retention to keep your pet warm and dry. Alternately we have a selection of hard plastic beds in case your puppy is a chewer.


Having tried and tested many dog beds over the years, we finally hit the jackpot: we are proud stockists of Earthbound. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got the perfect dog bed for your pooch. Whether that’s a soft and snuggly cushion or a waterproof mattress. Perhaps you prefer something with sturdy sides to support the heaviest of heads. Earthbound dog beds are easy to clean and stand the test of time, holding their shape for years to come.

dog beds

Once you have chosen a dog bed, you can make it even more cosy and appealing. Try adding layers of fleecy blankets for your dog to nest. We always have a selection of styles and colours to choose from. Visit us in Aylesbury or Winslow to find the perfect place for your pooch to retire.