Dog Snacks

Dog chewingSometimes your dog wants something to chew on in between meals, so rather than sacrifice your furniture, shoes, remote control or phone, why not provide a healthy snack for your dog. The act of chewing not only helps to keep a dog’s teeth nice and clean, it also relieves boredom or anxiety as it releases endorphins, promoting a happy and relaxed hound. Instead of a chew toy, why not look at our wide range of frozen or dried dog snacks to give a more satisfying lunchtime chomp. Visit either of our shops in Aylesbury or Winslow to see the options available.

Frozen chews

We stock a wide range of frozen dog snacks from Nature’s Menu, Benyfit, Paleo Ridge and Bulmers including duck necks, duck wings, duck feet, duck carcass, chicken necks, chicken wings, chicken feet, chicken carcass, turkey necks, turkey wings, turkey carcass, venison flank, stuffed hooves, pigs ears, lamb necks, lamb ribs, beef ribs, meaty beef chews, trachea, paddywack and more!

natures menu raw bone dog treat


We stock a wide range of natural rawhide which is made in the EU and only washed in hydrogen peroxide (H2O2); there are no nasty chemicals in the rawhide products we sell. You can buy all shapes and sizes of rawhide, depending on how much your dog loves to chew, safe in the knowledge that it is fully digestible and won’t cause any unpleasant reactions.



Dried products

If you don’t have the freezer space or don’t like rawhide, we have any number of other options to give your dog a good chew – pizzles, pig’s ears, lamb’s ears, rabbit’s ears, wild boar ears, deerhide roll, chicken’s feet, pig trotters, lamb trotters, smokey bones, pork belly rolls, vegetable chews and more.


If you’re unsure, just ask and one of our staff members can advise the perfect chew for your pet. You can also discuss whether or not you should cut down on the amount you are feeding morning and night with an additional snack.