Dog Water Bottles

We have a range of options to keep your dog hydrated when you’re out and about, from water bottles to collapsible bowls, there’s something to suit your needs.

LongPaws bottles come in a range of colours and designs, in three different sizes (250ml, 500ml and 750ml). They work on a patented lick’n’flow system which releases water as the dog licks. The smart technology means you don’t waste or spill any water.

Both the dog bottle spout and cap are made from BPA free, food-grade quality, FDA specified polypropylene. A stainless steel bottle is more hygienic than aluminium or plastic and keeps water cool. Leak resistant caps are attached by a cord, so they don’t go missing, and the removable top makes it easy to clean and refill.

Clips to your bag or belt using a karabiner clip, or fits most car and other cup holders for water on the move

Take a look at the short video (1 minute) below to see how they work!


Trixie Water Bottles are also stainless steel for reasons of hygiene and to keep the liquid inside cool, but instead of the rollerball delivery which can be noisy and put some dogs off, you simply pour the water into the generous lid which acts as a bowl.

The clever design of the lid means that you can easily pour the water back into the bottle so that you don’t waste any water. 



Collapsible bowls are very convenient if you are tight on space and have access to water.

They are ideal for popping in a bag or back pack if you are going out for a run and carry your own water, or if you are going somewhere like a cafe or pub where you can fill the bowl with water.