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At Unique Pets we cater for all dogs – pedigree or Heinz 57, large or small, young or old. Please read through this section to see some of our stock or better still, come and visit our shops in Aylesbury or Winslow.

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Dog food products

We stock an extensive range of dog foods: all of which are leaders in their field. Our products include dog food specially formulated for sensitive diets. We also stock foods which are grain free and importantly free from artificial additives, flavours and preservatives.  Why not visit us and check out our range? Our experienced staff are always on hand to help you select the best diet for your pet.

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Puppy food products

The early formative years of your dog are vital to a long term happy and healthy life. We offer natural and nutritious food designed to help your puppy. If you are not sure what foods and diet are best for your puppy – just come and talk to us. Our friendly and experienced staff are always on hand to help.

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Medical products for dogs

Just like humans, dogs suffer ailments from time to time. The key is to identify the problem early. We stock products to help most common puppy and dog ailments. All are offered at competitive prices. If we don’t think we can help we will refer you to the advice of a vet.

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Dog grooming products

We have two groomers offering a full range of services at our store in Aylesbury and we stock a carefully selected range of pet grooming products in both Winslow and Aylesbury. Please see our guide to pet grooming brushes to see which one would best suit your needs. Pop in or give us a call to arrange some time to pamper your pooch.

Unique Pets Grooming

Dog training

It is vital that your pet is properly trained. Visit or call us and we will explain what we have to offer…

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Dog treats

We offer a full range of dog and puppy treats. Treats for your dog are an important part of their training and development.  Go on..visit us and get them a reward!

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Dog toys

Happy days for your dog at Unique Pets! Boredom can be a negative factor in your dog’s development. We carry a range of toys to help your dog develop and keep them happy and contented!

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Dog leads collars & harnesses

We have an ever changing range of leads, collars and harnesses to suit your dog:  young or old, large breed or small. Visit us and check out our product range.

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Dog beds

We have an ever changing range of bedding and accessories. Pop into our shops and we will help you select the best for your pet.

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