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Fishing Bait

We now stock a whole range of fishing bait in the Aylesbury store, including boilies and tinned bait, and we also stock maggots in Winslow.

Essentially fishing bait can be anything that attracts fish to the hook in order to catch it. Traditionally this has always been insects and other small fish, which naturally draw fish looking for food, however plastic and electronic lures are proving successful for predatory fish as they mimic the action of prey. Studies show that old-fashioned live bait is still the most appealing to fish and we stock a range of options, so come in and find the best bait for your next fishing trip.

Maggots and worms are the best sources of natural bait and can be used alive or dead, as it is the colour, odour and texture which entices the fish. Popular for coarse fishing, maggots and worms are great at attracting a range of fish, including bream, roach, barbel, chub, tench and carp. We always have a selection of maggots in stock in Winslow, but if you do run out of wrigglies, you can even try cheese – many fisherman have had success with the dairy product due to its light colour and strong odour.

Boilies are another popular source of bait, not only for those who don’t like handling maggots, but also because they are particularly good for carp fishing. These solid balls are made from a paste of grains, milk or fish proteins and egg, through a process of boiling and drying, hence their name. They are popular because they hold together well, even when submerged underwater for a long time, and come in a range of flavours to tempt different fish.


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