Our loyalty gift to you

At Unique Pets we know you want the best for your animals, but we all have to watch our costs. We price check against our competitors to keep prices low, but we also offer a loyalty scheme to help make your pennies go even further.

Our computerized loyalty scheme allows you to automatically collect points on every purchase without the need for a card cluttering up your purse.

It couldn’t be easier: just visit our shop in Aylesbury or Winslow, tell us your name and for every £1 you spend in store, you will receive 2 points. The same loyalty points apply to all bookings in our grooming salons, training sessions and photography studio.

Each point you earn on the loyalty scheme is worth 1 penny.

You can redeem your points up to a value of £20 in one transaction whenever you like, so you can either treat your pet with something special, reduce the total of a weekly shop or pay for a whole basket of goodies.

Our ‘No Spam’ Promise: Our loyalty scheme is simply here for us to say ‘thank you’ for you support. In return we will not shower you with masses of emails, junk mail, phone calls or any other type of marketing. In fact, we won’t contact you at all unless you specifically request it!

Join us on Social Media: We do however have a Facebook page and a Twitter feed where we post all new products, information and events planned for our shops. We also post funny things just to brighten up your day, so join us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with all the news.

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Supplier Rewards

We are also thrilled to announce the following ongoing loyalty schemes for certain brands, on top of our own loyalty scheme:

natures menu dog food
Nature’s Menu will give you 3 free bags of nuggets when you buy 30 bags of either the Nature’s Menu or Country Hunter range.
Acana are giving an 8th bag of dog food away after 7 purchases of the same variety.