Meet The Team

Jenna - Owner

Jenna’s love for animals began as a child and her first job was working in a pet shop aged 13. After pursuing a normal career, Jenna gave it all up to follow her passion and took on voluntary work with Tiggywinkles. Undertaking a number of courses on animal welfare and nutrition, Jenna decided to open a pet shop with a difference in 2011 and the rest is history. Her current family includes her two dogs, Gus and Joy, an ex-battery hen, a rabbit, Nibbler, and 2 rescue rats.

Lucy - Owner

Lucy grew up with cats, but it was her poorly rescue pup who introduced her to the world of raw feeding at Unique Pets in 2013 and she’s never looked back since. Her writing, HR career and book-keeping led to working with Jenna behind the scenes and she became a partner in the business in 2015 to support the expansion. Her current menagerie consists of a tank full of fish, a black & white rescue moggy, Tinker, and two rescue lurchers, Rory and Darcey, all of whom are raw fed and thriving.

Michaela - Purchasing Manager

Michaela always wanted to work with animals, but initially ended up on a career path with children before finally following her dream. She had to hit the ground running when she joined Unique Pets during the chaos of the move in 2015 and has now grown into a role as purchasing manager. She is particularly well-versed in all small mammals – the small zoo she houses currently consists of one dog, 5 cats and one rabbit.

Marc - Manager, Winslow

Keeping it in the family, Marc is Jenna’s brother and has joined the company in 2016 to manage the Winslow branch, where the adventure first started. His dog Brucie keeps him company during the day and loves being fussed by customers.

Hannah - Manager, Aylesbury

Hannah has been a customer for years and brings nearly a decade of retail experience to her role as manager in Aylesbury. She has two raw fed cats, Ninja and Nitro, and a Yorkshire terrier called Mercedes. In her spare time, she does agility with Mercedes and walks a chocolate lab called Lucy Lou for The Cinnamon Trust. Hannah is trained as a raw adviser, in Dorwest products and she has undertaken a number of behavioural courses.

Megan - Customer Service Adviser, Aylesbury
Megan and her dog Tilly-May have been customers for a number of years, and Meg joined the Unique Pets family as a Customer Service Adviser in 2016. Meg is trained as a raw adviser and is studying for her Dorwest exam.

Jade - Customer Service Adviser, Aylesbury

Jade graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a 1st class BSC Hons in Zoo Biology and is passionate about following her dream of working with pets. She joined Unique Petsin the spring of 2017 as a customer service adviser and quickly embarked on all her raw feeding and homeopathic training. As well as looking after her family cocker spaniel, Jade is an animal care assistant at the RSPCA. Jade is studying for her Dorwest exam and to be a raw adviser.

Helen - Customer Service Adviser, Aylesbury

Helen is another customer-turned-employee. Her whippet cross, Sassy, has benefited from many 121 sessions with Tom over the years and Helen has always supported the shop on a voluntary basis, but over the summer of 2016 joined on a part time basis.

Aran - Customer Service Adviser, Aylesbury

Aran joined the team in the summer of 2017 having completed his City & Guilds Diploma in Animal Care and undertaking various work experience with Tiggywinkles, Aston Clinton Vets and a lambing season on a farm. He enjoys walking his dog and is currently studying a Games Design Course at Aylesbury College.

Anya - Customer Service Adviser, Aylesbury

Anya was a customer of our grooming salon when she applied for a part time job with us in the summer of 2017. With two dogs of her own, she is keen to learn about the nutrition and health elements of pets while she is also studying math mechanics at A level. 

Dean - Stock Room Assistant, Aylesbury

Dean joined Unique Pets as stock room assistant over the summer of 2016 as has settled well into his first job. From helping out with all deliveries and stocking up the shop floor, he has quickly made the role his own and is a valuable member of the team. As well as looking after his three family dogs, he is a keen fisherman.


Ellie - Grooming Supervisor

Ellie has ridden horses since age 7 and is good with all things equestrian. Joining Unique Pets as a customer adviser in 2014 was a change of career for Ellie, but she quickly proved her worth and was promoted to supervisor. When a vacancy came up in the groom room in 2016, Ellie jumped at the chance to retrain and is loving her new role. She has owned pets all her life and currently two re-homed cats, who are both raw fed and happy.

Emi - Groomer

emiEmi has always wanted to work with animals and finally realised her dream when she joined Unique Pets in August 2016, completing her grooming qualification the following month. At home Emi looks after three cats – Rocket, Annie and Stark – and a dog, Brucie.

Laura - Groomer


Laura started training to be a police officer and considered a move into dog handling in order to work with animals, but in 2016 decided to retrain as a groomer. Joining Unique Pets on work experience at the end of the year, she proved to be a valuable asset to the grooming salon and became a permanent member of staff at the start of 2017. 

Tom - Trainer

Tom is Jenna’s partner and shares her love of animals, having always had pets in the family home. Despite initially not wanting a dog of his own, he soon changed his tune after Gus came along and Tom retrained as a dog behaviouirist in 2015. He joined Unique Pets on a full time basis, running his own classes and one-to-one sessions after the move to Chamberlain Road. With Jenna, he looks after their two dogs, Gus and Joy, an ex-battery hen, a rabbit, Nibbler, and two rescue rats.

Robin - Photographer
RobinRobin grew up on a farm and has always had dogs in his life, but has also kept reptiles, such as lizards and snakes. As Jenna’s father he has always been involved in the business, but his photography hobby of the last 48 years has finally turned into a new career as he set up the Unique Pets studio in 2015. His current pride and joy is a Bichon Frise, Mindy, who is the sister of Jenna and Tom’s Gus.
Paul - Delivery Driver

Paul became a customer in 2016 when he acquired his new puppy Piper and responded a couple of months later to our advert for a delivery driver.

Meet Our Unique Friends

Bucks Canine Hydrotherapy

Bucks Canine Hydrotherapy

Bucks Canine Hydrotherapy is opening within the Aylesbury store on 1 July 2017. Helen James is a fully insured, trained, NARCH-registered canine hydrotherapist offering rehabilitation, fitness and fun for dogs in a specialist pool. When one of her dogs hurt her leg, Helen took her to a hydrotherapist and saw not only the physical benefits, but the fact that her dog loved the sessions. Helen retrained in order to work with dogs and offer the same benefits to other dogs.

Potter Paws

Potter Paws is a local family-run dog walking service covering Aylesbury and the surrounding areas, but they also run first aid courses for canines and humans alike! We are proud to offer regular pet first aid courses at our premises on Chamberlain Road with Potter Paws. The course covers Canine First Aid including basic life saving skills to initially respond to an illness or injury until you can get the dog safely to a veterinary surgery. As well as completing theory work there are also practical hands-on skills including bandaging and CPR which will include the use of their resusi-dog Casper.

Chiltern Dog Rescue Society
Chiltern Dog Rescue

Chilterns Dog Rescue Society was founded in 1963 by Mrs Dolly Bromley when she found a small dog tied up and abandoned in Amersham. Since then, over 18,000 dogs have been cared for and re-homed by the charity. In 2014 they undertook significant refurbishment works to provide the dogs with a large, quiet, comfortable living accommodation during their stay, outdoor areas for socialisation,  training and relaxation, as well as improved administrative areas.