We’re now stocking Proflax natural supplements for dogs, which are an easy way to help care for your dog’s joints, skin, coat and overall well-being. Jenna has been using the Wellbeing and Vitality Oil for some time with her rescue dog Joy, and has written a blog about the effect it’s had on her…
natural supplementsOur rescue French Bulldog, Joy, came to us in a bit of a sorry state – having had demodectic mange for most of her life, she had been treated with rather harsh chemicals to deal with it and her little system had been put through the mill! Since we got her in December 2016 she has been completely chemical and drug free, and all her complaints have been treated with natural methods. We saw an holistic vet in Bath earlier this year and he worked wonders to improve her bodily functions and get her putting on weight which was initially our biggest concern.
natural supplementsHowever she has never truly grasped how to be a dog. We believe that Joy was a breeding bitch and so her contact with other dogs has been limited and forced. Play wasn’t something that was natural for her and she certainly wouldn’t instigate any ruff and tumble. If our other dog, Gus, asked her to play she would engage in maybe 2-3 minutes of fun, but was always quite nervous of the contact. We also noticed that she would only manage around 30 minutes walking before becoming so overwhelmed by the daunting world around her that we would have to take her home for a couple of hours rest.

natural supplements

We started Proflax on 25th October – wow what a difference after about 4 days! She now instigates play with Gus and they can have a game of bitey face for a good 15-20 minutes. But we weren’t the only ones to notice a difference – Joy attends doggy daycare once a week and they asked what we were doing differently. They said that she had so much energy they thought they had a puppy in the house and they commented that she had also instigated play with their Staffordshire Bull Terrier. We were thrilled!

Then we started noticing the difference in our walks… we had a full hour walking around Ashridge woods, after which she had a good snooze for half an hour at home before wanting to go out again!
The only thing we have changed in her diet or routine is simply to add the natural supplement Proflax. It’s let her be a normal 2-year-old Frenchie, her weight is continuing to go in the right direction and she is really enjoying herself. We’re so pleased with the turn around in her and her reactions to the outside world are getting steadily better, which was something we never thought we would see. 
As Joy continues to go from strength to strength, it is clear that some dogs need just a little bit of help from natural sources to keep their body in tip top condition. Why not come in and see if Proflax can help put a spring in your dog’s step?
Written by: Jenna Tomlins
Photos by: Jenna Tomlins