While we might be spooked by the ghosts and ghouls of Hallowe’en, many pets find other things at this time of year scary – fireworks and loud parties, not to mention the dark nights and cold weather! We’ve pulled together a selection of resources to help your furry friend through this scary time. 


Fighting fireworks

There are a number of things you can do to help ease anxiety when the loud bangs start, so start by reading our guide on how to Keep Your Pets Calm.

Don’t underestimate how frightening fireworks can be for pets and start planning ahead to keep your animals safe during the party season. 

Combatting the cold

Most animals have enough fur to keep them warm through the relatively mild winters Britain has to offer, but some pets feel the cold more than others. The young and older generations can be particularly susceptible to a chill, along with poorly pets and those with short or thin fur. We stock a wide range of jumpers and coats to keep your dog warm both inside and out this winter. Alternately we have self-warming mats which can be used by all pets to reflect his own body heat back at him. 

Braving the dark


Although animals have superior senses and a greater ability to see in the dark than humans, some still get spooked by the dark and can become skittish when the light fades. If you are taking your dog out for a walk at night, don’t forget to put on a flashing collar so that you can keep track of him. We also stock a range of reflective or light-up leads, harnesses and coats so that you can stay safe by the roadside. For more information about staying safe during the winter read our previous blogs here and here.

Wet weather

Dog groomingDogs need exercise and stimulation whatever the weather, but if your hound finds the incessant rain scary and refuses to go outside, you’ll need to think of other ways of exhausting him. Our article on mental stimulation has some indoor game ideas, or alternately you can hire out our training room for some dry fun or book a fitness swim in the hydrotherapy pool.

Alternately if you have a dog that loves nothing more than getting wet and muddy, don’t forget you can hire our grooming rooms to bath or brush your dog using our professional equipment. And don’t forget to remind yourself of the importance of preventing matting.

Don’t forget wildlife

While you’re busy looking after your pets, don’t forget about our wildlife. Check out our blog on what to feed birds over the winter and come in store to see our great deals on suet and feeders. Equally, before you build a bonfire, check for any hibernating hedgehogs first – for this and other tips to look after hedgehogs read our blog here

Written by: Lucy Ellis

Photos: Hallowe’en by Robin Hall; all others Lucy Ellis