As the wet weather is set to continue for the rest of the week, remember there are many ways in which you can beat the downpour.

Indoor fun

Dog trainingPlenty of dogs take one look at the rain and decide that they don’t need a walk after all. If you’ve got a fair weather dog, then you can hire our training room out at £5 for half an hour or £9 for an hour to exercise your dog. Why not bring a friend or two and let them have a run around together, or you can use some of the agility equipment if you want to challenge your dog mentally as well as physically. 


Brain Games

If you are cooped up indoors, your dog might be going a bit stir crazy so stimulate his brain with nose work to exhaust him instead of a walk. You can follow our video to learn how to make your own snuffle mat and fill it with treats for him to find. Alternately we have a large selection of brain games to keep even the cleverest dog entertained. Read up on how exhausting brain work can be for your dog here, and check out more indoor play ideas here.


Wet weather gear

Wet weatherIf your dog insists on going out for a walk whatever the weather, help avoid the soggy doggy smell by getting a rainmac. We’ve got a good selection of waterproof coats in all shapes and sizes.

Some of them are reflective so that your dog can be seen at night when a light is shone on him. We stock coats with legs which are particularly good for smaller dogs who are prone to a muddy undercarriage in the wet weather. We even have a pac-a-mac style coat which folds into its own carrier!


Ban the Dirt

Having been dragged out on a walk in the wet weather, you’ll want to clean up your dog before she traipses dirt all over your cream carpets. Pet Rebellion’s non-slip mats are excellent at stopping muddy paws and they come out of the washing machine virtually dry, ready for use. If you don’t want to, or physically can’t, wash your dog in your bath, you can always book out our grooming room on a Sunday to bath in a professional setting.

Best of luck braving the wet weather and bring on the summer!